In spring boot application we can define multiple profiles to allow different values for properties. This is mainly used to define environment details for multiple deployment environments.

More details on spring boot profiles can we found at: https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/1.2.0.M1/reference/html/boot-features-profiles.html

Apart than environment details feature toggles, performance related configurations which might vary…

Developed by a team at LinkedIn, Kafka is non-open source middleware intended as an alternative to a messaging queue, but is it the right solution for your company? Let’s dive into the differences between Kafka and a message queue, and the pros and cons for it.

Message persistence: Persist the…

Cyber security

Dealing with security measures is not a day to day thing until your primary business involves around it. It becomes extremely difficult to remember every terms related to security attacks and their standard prevention methods. In this blog, I have tried to capture definitions and small details about major keywords…

Deepti Mittal

Deepti Mittal working as software engineer for past 14 years. Right now she is working with Thoughtworks based out of Bangalore.

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